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Franna – Do I need a crane license to operate a Franna Crane?

To work any portable non-slewing cranes, for example, a franna crane, you should acquire the suitable crane ticket or license. This sort of crane license joins any machine with a blast or jib that doesn’t pivot or slew, for example, a franna crane.

In Queensland, there are various classes of franna crane tickets accessible and what ticket you need relies upon the size of the machine you will be working. Effectively finishing your franna crane ticket permits you to have the option to securely, lawfully and viably work with franna crane.

To get your crane ticket, you initially should select into a pertinent instructional class, for example, a non-slewing mobile crane license course from a Registered Training Organization like Connection Group Australia. Upon effective fruition, you will at that point need to go through preparing and apply for your High Risk Work License.

Here is a rundown of the crane ticket, High Risk Work License you need contingent upon machine weight:

  • 20 tonne capacity – C2 high risk work license
  • 60 tonne capacity – C6 high risk work license
  • 100 tonne capacity – C1 high risk work license
  • Capacity over 100 tonnes – C0 high risk work license

How much does a franna crane license cost?

Costs for a franna crane ticket or crane license vary from state to state. Here is a comprehensive list of costs associated with Australian crane licenses.

New Application

Licence Renewal

What are the necessities of a non-slewing versatile crane license course?

When hoping to finish a crane ticket course to acquire your franna crane ticket, you should consider what subjects the course will cover. The best courses to partake ought to incorporate the accompanying subjects:

  • Engage in relevant theory and practical crane training
  • Understand compliance with WHS licensing legislation
  • Communicate and work safely with others in the work area
  • Perform risk assessments and management procedures
  • Learn how to undergo pre-operational check, positioning, stabilising, set up and operation of a mobile crane
  • Practical application of appropriate signalling
  • Understanding how to perform load and lifting gear calculations and reading load charts

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