What is a Verification Of Competency (VOC)?

A Verification of Competency is a method of assessment in subject matter practices to evaluate that a candidates level of skills and knowledge are still current, and that they are competent in the task they are to perform.

An employer may require that workers competency is to be assessed during the recruitment processes or as part of their induction or throughout a persons employment time to verify that the candidate has experience of the business’s work operations, its practices or its procedures.

A VOC will ensure companies staff are competent to operate equipment or perform the task they are being hired to do.

Prepare yourself for a VOC

When do you need a VOC?

Even experienced workers’ competency may decrease over time, employee’s also need to consider competency where:

  • When asked to perform tasks that are undertaken infrequently.
  • When returning from secondments to other roles within the business or from extended periods of leave.
  • Employers require evidence that your skills are current.
  • Equipment, tools, machinery has changed/updated and a “refresher” VOC may be required.
  • Learn new skills and become a valued asset within the organisation.

Employers also need to consider competency where:

  • New technology or equipment is introduced that may require additional training.
  • New work practices or procedures are introduced.
  • New legislative or standards requirements are introduced.
  • Subject to state and company requirements, some insurance organisations require VOC.
  • In the event of a WHS incident, especially involving classified plant, a VOC may be requested.
  • Decrease workplace accidents through safety training which reduces work down time and insurance premiums.
  • Improves work quality and productivity through improved accuracy and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs VOC assessments?

Verification of Competency (VOC) requirements are site and/or company-specific, those who are starting a new position or changing sites that need to prove competency.



Costs for a Verification of Competency Range from $250-$400 per person/per VOC depending on the extent of the verification of competency. Contact Connection Group Australia for a current verification of competency price list. Group bookings can be made.


The time required (and therefore the cost applicable) to undertake a VOC will depend on the plant or activity needing to be verified. As a guide, for example, a high-risk VOC may take approximately 2-4 hours depending on the person and unit being tested.

Can a Verification Of Competency be undertaken on my site?

If the company can provide a suitable, compliant plant and has the equipment required to undertake the VOC, we are able to quote for Australia-wide assessing and VOCs.


Candidates must hold the relevant Competency for the unit being verified or the appropriate High Risk Work License (HRWL)

Will i get any training before undertaking a Verification of Competency?

VOCs are undertaken to verify competency and are therefore conducted without any training or preparation as it is considered current licenced/ticketed/competent employees and contractors will have the required knowledge and skills to complete the assessment.

What happens if i do not pass my VOC?

Any person deemed not yet competent will be offered the opportunity to undertake refresher training and undertake another VOC assessment (additional cost may apply).

What do i get once i have completed my VOC?

Once verified, candidates and/or companies will receive a Connection Group statement of Verification of Competency record.

How long does a verification of competency last?

Depending on company policies and procedures, the life of a Verification Of Competency can vary, as a Industry standard VOC’s are accepted by all major industries and are valid from the time of testing for a period of two (2) years.