What is a Dogging license?


What is a dogging licence?

A dogging license or dogman license is the ticket/license required by employees to drive and direct a crane in operation on a building construction or mining site and often works within a part of a team with a rigger and crane operator.

A dogman checks the loads to be moved to ensure they match the lifting capacity of cranes and also attaches lifting devices to hoisting equipment using tag lines. Communication is with a dogman whistle, hand signals and radio. 

Dogging (DG) is a high risk work (HRW) licence that involves:

the application of slinging techniques including the selection and/or inspection of lifting gear to safely

directing a crane or hoist operator in the movement of the load when the load is out of view of the operator.

Slinging techniques requires use of judgement to determine the suitability of lifting gear and the method of slinging, by considering the nature of the load (size, shape and weight) and its centre of gravity.

To view more information about our License to perform dogging courses, Please click here.

When is a dogging licence required?

There are some circumstances where a person without a high risk work dogging (DG) licence can safely sling a load when there is no judgment required for slinging techniques or the suitability and the condition of lifting gear.

The following factors need to be predetermined by a licensed dogger or rigger or an appropriately qualified engineer:

the weight of the load or weight range to be lifted has been determined and communicated (which may be marked on the load)

selection of the sling and slinging techniques for the load has been made

the inspection of lifting gear confirms it is in a safe and serviceable condition the lifting points have been incorporated as part of the load (e.g. lifting lugs) or are marked on the load

the load is to be lifted within the view of the operator at all times

standard lifting procedures have been documented and signed-off by the dogger, rigger or engineer

the person has been trained and deemed competent in the documented lifting procedures

If these factors cannot be predetermined then a person with a high risk work dogging (DG) licence must conduct the lift.

How old do I need to be to do a dogging license?

In order to complete the National Mandated license assessment to obtain a High Risk Work License, students must be of 18 years or older.

How do I get a dogging license?

To work alongside crane operators and truck drivers, as a labourer or construction site worker in New South Wales, Tamworth, Brisbane, Queensland or beyond, you will need a Dogman license.

You can get your nationally recognised Licence to perform dogging at Connection Group Australia  by clicking below.

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what is a dogging license

Where can I do my dogging license?

Visit or call Connection Group Australia at 18 Ponda Rosa Rd, Westdale, New South Wales 2340 to enquire about our next up & coming dogging license.

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